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Composition & Production
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Composition & Production
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“Music draws attention, amplifies images and creates emotions.”

We create tone, sound and music for companies and artists. Because if you appeal to all senses you achieve more: in marketing, PR and direct sales.
We are ready to make your ideas come to life!

Music Production

We offer production of various styles of music for all kinds of purposes:
• Vocal Recording
• Music Production and Songwriting for Singers/Artists
• Music for Commercials, Image Films, Corporate Films (TV, Radio & Web)
• Jingles & Sound Logos
• Film Scoring

We always work together closely with our clients throughout the entire production process.
From drafting the first ideas to applying the final touches.
That way we are able to realize your vision and get the best result for your project.

Sound Design

Sound Design describes the process of creating sounds that lie beyond the mere composition and production of music.
These can range from subtle moods and ambiences to sounds recorded from everyday life all the way to unusual sound effects.
Using these sounds we are able to create emotions that will complement and enhance your images in order to maximize the effect they have on the audience.
Because the right sound will more often than not make the difference.

We create our sounds in a variety of ways:
• Synthesizing and processing sounds using different hard- and software
• Recording sounds from various sources
• Using specialized sound libraries for a wide range of material


Were you not satisfied with the outcome of a mastering job?
There is a common misbelief that you can “fix it in the mastering” but sometimes you need access to the individual tracks of a song to get a good sounding mix.

We also offer to do the whole mixdown process so all your tracks benefit from the treatment of analogue gear and we can prepare the mix specifically for our own mastering process.


LoonyLabs offer a mastering service to independent artists and record labels at a very competitive rate.

Mastering as the final step before reproduction is a very responsible craft.
During the mastering process we respect the original vision of the producer and mixing engineer to the same extent as the vision of the artist.
We happily greet communication during the process with both parties.
We chose the hybrid approach on purpose, but we carefully judge each music material that reaches us and choose the appropriate signal chain for each musical style.

We help your music reach its maximum potential and take your projects to the next level through the combination of years of experience and the use of our carefully selected and modified state of the art analogue and digital equipment.

We also offer an e-Mastering service over the internet at a lower cost for artists and labels with a limited budget.

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